539: Tina Anderson on Psychobiotics, Intestine Mind Connection and Simply Calm

Youngster: Welcome to my Mommy’s podcast.


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Katie: Whats up, and welcome to the Wellness Mama Podcast. I’m Katie from wellnessmama.com and wellnesse.com, that’s wellness with an E on the top. And I’m right here with an expensive private pal and somebody whose work I deeply admire, that’s Tina Anderson of Simply Thrive probiotics, and he or she’s fascinating. She started her profession as a trial lawyer who specialised in settling circumstances by bringing either side collectively, which is a private ardour of hers. And after her second little one, she left her high-stress work behind to concentrate on household. And now, after her personal well being journey and plenty of analysis within the discipline of pure well being, she discovered her life’s work, which is illness prevention and well being upkeep. And he or she’s the founding father of Simply Thrive alongside together with her husband, and I’ve been utilizing and speaking about their merchandise for years.


I used to be excited to have her on in the present day to speak about psychobiotics, which is a brand new time period that’s actually, actually fascinating. And I’ve been doing a little analysis right here as properly. We go deep on this and particularly the gut-brain connection, how the gut-brain axis is so essential, how psychobiotics can affect psychological well being and resilience, how mind irritation is usually a supply of plenty of stress and different points that we now have, and so many different areas. She’s very well-spoken on this. I discovered quite a bit. Psychobiotics is a brand new time period for me. I feel you’ll be taught quite a bit, too, so let’s be a part of Tina. Tina, welcome again.


Tina: Thanks, Katie. I’m so excited to be again.


Katie: Effectively, I at all times love speaking to you, and it’s particularly enjoyable after we get to report it, and we’re gonna get to go deep on some actually enjoyable subjects in the present day. However earlier than we do, to assist individuals get to know you a bit of bit higher, I’ve a be aware in my present notes that I’ve witnessed firsthand, which is that you just love to bounce, particularly on elevated surfaces and particularly with a tambourine in hand. So when you don’t thoughts, simply give us a bit of bit overview as a result of I do know there’s some cool like tradition dancing that comes out of your background, and it’s so enjoyable.


Tina: Sure. Sure. Oh, my gosh. You’ve gotten witnessed that, haven’t you? Embarrassed to confess, however yeah.. You understand what? I like music. I like listening to music. And I’m Serbian, and Serbian music is one thing that’s tremendous essential to me and I like it. It touches my soul and for no matter cause, one thing simply brings me to, like, tables, and I begin dancing on tables, or chairs, or no matter it is perhaps that’s elevated. That’s not essentially tied to being Serbian, however it’s simply one thing that I do. And I snicker as a result of certainly one of my daughters has adopted go well with, and we stock that trait collectively. So, it’s enjoyable.


Katie: I like it. Yearly I do a factor that will get me out of my consolation zone, which previously has led to voice classes and standup comedy, and this yr, it’s dancing. So possibly this yr I’ll be becoming a member of you within the dancing battle. We’ll see.


Tina: Sure. I’d love that.


Katie: Effectively, for the majority of what we needed to speak about in the present day, you guys have so many merchandise, and all people listening has most likely already heard me rave about them as a result of they’re staples in my life and in my children’ lives. And there’s a brand new one which I’m excited to be taught extra about from you in the present day, and I feel this can be a actually essential matter that we’re not speaking that a lot about. So, I do know that there’s a brand new temper and mind product that you just guys have developed, and this has been a spotlight for you for some time. So I’d love to only get some broad overview of a bit of bit about it and why this was an essential focus for you guys.


Tina: Yeah. Effectively, , one of many huge core values that we now have is that we solely launch merchandise which can be lacking and wanted out there. I imply, that’s after we launched the, , spore-based probiotic, we have been the primary. We have been simply disruptors within the probiotic house, and we didn’t wanna simply launch any probiotic as a result of there have been so many. We actually wanna discover issues which can be lacking and really wanted out there. And given the truth that temper issues are off the charts proper now, particularly, , even earlier than 2020, earlier than the pandemic, they have been already off the charts. Folks had been skilled a lot stress, significantly over the past two years. Now we have seen temper issues, nervousness issues at an all-time excessive. There’s one research that confirmed that 8 out of 10 U.S. adults really feel a lot stress that it’s truly affecting their bodily wellbeing.


So, we’ve actually delved into plenty of the analysis on temper and what will we do to really get to the basis reason for it. And plenty of researchers from among the largest establishments are actually beginning to try that gut-brain connection. And I feel the explanation for that’s that if you have a look at psychiatric care, it actually hasn’t modified over the past, , most likely 60 years. The identical class of medicine have been used, that are the anti-anxiety meds, the SSRIs which can be used for despair. So, primarily, the identical class of medicine have been used for many years with minimal success. And, , psychiatrists have had their palms tied as a result of they don’t actually have many instruments. However because it seems as we… It at all times appears to end up the pure world has all these methods to handle the problem and to get to the basis reason for it.


And since the basis reason for mind and psychological well being points aren’t essentially stemming from the mind, they’re truly stemming from the intestine, and that’s why it’s so highly effective. You understand, we’ve heard individuals say, , the intestine is the second mind. Effectively, actually, what plenty of researchers at the moment are saying is that the intestine is the primary mind as a result of the intestine is absolutely dictating a lot of what’s happening within the mind. One space of cognitive operate that many medical consultants have been talking on and researching is that this unimaginable connection between the intestine and the mind. So, it’s actually been an space that we now have centered on and are excited to, , convey among the analysis behind it to our prospects and to convey options to them.


Katie: And I feel that’s an essential level. And as a caveat, I do know you are feeling the identical manner, however I feel medical doctors go into medication with a real want to assist individuals. Each physician I’ve met has been…had that true coronary heart to assist individuals. And I really feel like plenty of them really feel as handcuffed by the system as lots of people do as sufferers. And I’ve heard even medical doctors say, , individuals don’t have these points due to an SSRI deficiency. It is perhaps a Band-Help, however it’s not trying on the root trigger, to your level. And I feel that’s the place one of the best outcomes are after we can mix the 2. And positively, there are occasions when individuals do want conventional medical care. I’m an enormous proponent of remedy and different strategies there as properly, however I feel the intestine shouldn’t be talked about sufficient with regards to psychological well being. And I’m so excited that you just guys are coming into this dialog and actually educating about it. Are you able to clarify extra in regards to the gut-brain entry for individuals who aren’t acquainted with that time period and what it does?


Tina: Yeah. Completely. You understand, the gut-brain entry, , it principally is the intestine and the mind are linked by the vagus nerve. So, the gut-brain entry refers to this bidirectional communication between the intestine and the mind. And so, the enteric nervous system is that this neurological system that wraps across the total digestive tract. And, after all, the microbes in our intestine have full entry to this enteric nervous system, and thru the enteric nervous system and thru circulation of the microbes within the intestine, there’s quite a few ways in which these microbes are affecting the mind. After which, one of many first methods is thru this endocrine system. So, the cells inside the intestine lining will be triggered by the microbes to provide compounds like 5-HTP and different precursors to hormones. And we all know that the intestine produces neurotransmitters like serotonin. The truth is, 90% to 95% of our serotonin is produced in our intestine. Dopamine is produced within the intestine, GABA’s produced in our intestine.


After which, we now have postbiotics that are made by the micro organism within the intestine. So short-chain fatty acids and hormone precursors are all made by the intestine micro organism, after which these postbiotics can influence the mind. So, once more, it’s simply this communication between the intestine and mind is bidirectional. That is very properly documented. You understand, now researchers are very a lot beginning to perceive this, and alerts go down from the mind, go all the way down to the intestine, and from the intestine, go as much as the mind. So it’s fairly fascinating, and now we all know that even way of life decisions like eating regimen and way of life, , the stress and the temper that we expertise actually have an effect on our intestine, after which, after all, what’s happening in our intestine is affecting our mind.


Katie: And I undoubtedly have witnessed that firsthand in my life when previously I’ve had intestine points and realizing, like, the mind fog and, like, the cloudiness that comes from that, after which conversely, I’ve seen if you work on that and actually help your intestine, the readability, and focus, and vitality that come alongside from that. And I like that you just introduced out the time period postbiotics as a result of I really feel like this is perhaps a brand new phrase for lots of people. We’ve all heard about probiotics and plenty of us have heard about prebiotics, and also you guys have nice merchandise for each of these. I really feel just like the time period postbiotics is a considerably of a brand new idea, however it actually helps to, like, tie that each one in of the way it’s not a one-way road in any respect, such as you stated, and the way they each help one another and the way that type of is a circle that may be in a constructive path, or when you’re not supporting them, it could actually type of go in a destructive path. Are you able to speak a bit of bit extra about postbiotics and the way that course of works?


Tina: Yeah. So, principally, postbiotics are simply byproducts of the micro organism in our intestine. And one of many foremost ones that we consider are short-chain fatty acids. And so, plenty of just like the butyrate, all of some of these short-chain fatty acids which can be produced by the micro organism in your intestine are thought of postbiotics. And like I discussed, just like the precursors to hormones are additionally thought of postbiotics, and so they, principally, are simply the byproducts of the micro organism in our intestine. And that’s why it’s so critically essential that we now have wholesome micro organism that’s already in our intestine as a result of they’re producing…they’re byproducts of that micro organism and can have an effect on our mind and different organs. And, , we talked about… We all know that the mind impacts the intestine, however…I imply the intestine impacts the mind, however the intestine is affecting nearly each side of our total well being. And I can’t overstate that sufficient. So, it’s actually essential that we’re taking good care of our intestine as a result of the micro organism is producing postbiotics, it’s additionally affecting how our different organs are functioning.

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Katie: Completely. And the way every part appears to tie in there even like I’ve talked quite a bit in regards to the emotional psychological aspect of well being just lately, and there’s so many cool research about how, like if you’re in a relentless state of stress or battle or flight, that really is affecting your intestine micro organism straight after which that has rollover penalties into your complete physique. And I’ve additionally heard you speak in regards to the time period psychobiotic, and that was a brand new one for me. So, are you able to clarify what meaning?


Tina: Yeah. Really, the time period psychobiotic has been…it’s type of new for everyone as a result of it was coined in about 2013 by two psychiatrists and so they principally… What psychobiotic refers to is the pleasant micro organism that play a job within the gut-brain entry and that influences the well being and exercise of your mind. So, it’s principally the probiotic strains that assist enhance temper and cognitive operate. So it’s… And this, our new product, is taken into account a psychobiotic, which is absolutely thrilling. And, , to go even again up a bit of bit, the largest offenders to and the basis reason for all psychological well being points is principally that mind irritation. So mind irritation we now know causes this cognitive operate, issues like nervousness, despair, cognitive decline, all of those psychological issues, and psychological well being issues are all brought on by irritation within the mind. And so, we all know that the 2 greatest offenders to mind irritation are LPS toxins, which I’ve talked about earlier than on podcasts with you, however principally LPS toxins are lipopolysaccharides that are usually present in our intestine micro organism in our intestine, however they don’t seem to be problematic. They’re not likely problematic after they’re in our intestine. They develop into problematic after they seep into our bloodstream.


After which, the opposite offender is stress-induced basal irritation, which principally are these exterior stresses that we cope with day in and time out just like the concern, the social isolation, trauma, site visitors, , preventing, , all these sorts of issues that we’re coping with regularly. So, the 2 sorts of offenders to this mind irritation are the LPS toxins that seep into our bloodstream and this stress-induced basal irritation. So, the excellent news is that, , the… The unhealthy information… Let me go together with the unhealthy information first. The LPS that leaks into our bloodstream could be very problematic. And we all know from the research, we did a double-blind human medical trial on leaky intestine and confirmed that, , 55% of younger wholesome school college students had a leaky intestine and didn’t understand it. So, they estimate that most individuals are having that LPS seep into their bloodstream regularly. They estimate that about 80% of the grownup inhabitants has a leaky intestine and doesn’t even understand it. And so, this LPS results in persistent low-grade irritation and is affecting all of our organs, not simply our mind, however we do know that, , LPS is related to greater ranges of hysteria, age-related issues. So, there was a research that got here out, I feel in 2017, that microbiome-derived LPS has been proven to be greater in individuals with Alzheimer’s.


So, , this LPS is a big indication of Alzheimer’s illness. In fact, that’s an inflammatory illness, after which similar with Parkinson’s illness. So, , such a dysfunction that causes nervousness and despair is similar, and it’s all pushed by LPS toxins within the bloodstream. So, as an organization, that was certainly one of our foremost objectives, is to guard that intestine lining, and that’s why we launched Simply Thrive spore-based probiotic. Simply by taking the spores alone, we noticed a 60% discount of LPS toxins that leaked into circulation. So if you cut back that LPS from going into your bloodstream, all the inflammatory markers come down. I imply, it was unimaginable what that research confirmed us. So when you’re taking the probiotic alone, you’re midway there. You understand, we already know that the probiotic alone is that primary a part of mind well being and cognitive operate as a result of we now have to cease the LPS from seeping into the bloodstream as a result of these LPS toxins are going as much as the mind and inflicting irritation.


After which, after all, the opposite a part of that’s that stress-induced basal irritation that I discussed that’s principally the exterior stresses that we’re coping with each day. And so, after we get an exterior stress, these exterior stresses instantly set off a response to the hypothalamus and the pituitary glands, after which that activates the adrenal gland that then releases cortisol. And we all know that cortisol begins growing irritation within the physique and it’s, , very, very dangerous. I’m certain you’ve talked about cortisol a lot of occasions, however it’s very dangerous, particularly to our mind as a result of it causes that irritation. So, , the place we got here in is how do… We already know the way we’re decreasing that LPS toxins. We already know we’re eliminating the vast majority of the LPS toxins seeping into the bloodstream by sealing up that intestine lining. However then the query turned, how will we arrest these exterior stresses?


And the good information and the place plenty of our analysis has been specializing in is there’s a compound known as peptidoglycan, and it’s been proven this capability to arrest these exterior stresses. And the fascinating factor is that peptidoglycans is handed from mom to little one whereas the kid is in utero. And I at all times am stressing about that. I’m at all times making an attempt to inform mothers who’re pregnant to be taking good care of their intestine as a result of all of those intestine micro organism and the great ones are being handed onto the kid.


So these peptidoglycans are known as an exopolysaccharide, and that’s essential as a result of this exopolysaccharide truly has a layer round it and that layer is what makes it extra resistant and resilient so it might survive by the gastric system. You understand, we talked quite a bit in regards to the spore-based probiotics. They’ve that capability, they’ve endospore shell round themselves and that enables them to get by to the, , gastric system and to the…or get by the gastric system to the gut. And that’s what’s so distinctive in regards to the exopolysaccharides, is that they have that capability to get by the gastric system. And so, bifidobacterium longum is a peptidoglycan, and so it’s this exopolysaccharide. And so, when it will get into the massive gut, it truly has the power to mediate the inflammatory response by the center. And this bifidobacterium longum 1714 is the pressure that’s utilized in our new product, Simply Calm. And it continues to be in step with our different merchandise that we’ve launched, , and that it’s properly researched, backed by science, it’s lacking and wanted out there, and it’s thought of a psychobiotic by all definitions. So it’s actually, actually thrilling.


Katie: And I feel that’s an essential level that it’s synergistic with the spore-based probiotic as properly as a result of then you definately’re like sealing and also you’re additionally then supporting the mind aspect. And I do know we’ve had a complete dialog about this previously. I’ll ensure that’s linked within the present notes, however are you able to give us only a temporary overview? You talked about it a bit of little bit of what separates spore-based probiotics from plenty of the opposite ones we see on cabinets as a result of this was new for me. I used to suppose years in the past like, “Oh, you want refrigerated probiotics so that they’re nonetheless alive” and all these items, and also you helped me actually like perceive the distinction in what’s taking place in digestion if you’re speaking about these specifics spore-based probiotics.


Tina: Yeah. So the largest distinction with spore-based probiotics is their capability to outlive the gastric system and arrive alive within the intestines. Nearly all of probiotics simply are delicate organisms. They aren’t capable of make that journey from the mouth by the digestive tract and into the intestines alive. Not solely does the physique temperature usually kill them, however the gastric system, the abdomen, could be very acidic. It’s meant to be a gastric barrier. And so, we all know that the spore-based probiotics has this endospore shell round itself and that enables it to reach of alive within the intestines. After which when it will get to the intestines, it truly has the power to remain there for about 21 to twenty-eight days, and it’s actually within the microbial setting. So it’s doing one thing totally different in your intestine than my intestine. And so, it’s actually unimaginable.


And like I stated, we’ve completed many, many research on these strains, and one of the profound research we did was on leaky intestine or metabolic endotoxemia. And what that research confirmed is that after taking these strains for about 30 days, it decreased the LPS toxins seeping into the bloodstream by about 60%. And this was with no different dietary or way of life modifications. It was, , given to in any other case wholesome school college students, which everyone knows what school college students do to their our bodies. So it’s actually an unimaginable… It’s so foundational to our well being as a result of if you’re sealing up that intestine lining and also you’re not permitting, , these toxins to seep into your bloodstream, it’s not creating that inflammatory response. So it’s a very totally different class, very properly researched, and has been so life-changing for therefore lots of our prospects. It’s been actually thrilling.


Katie: Yeah. I’ve undoubtedly… It’s the primary probiotic, and I’ve talked about this quite a bit, that I’ve ever felt the distinction from, and that now could be a staple in our home together with just about all your merchandise at this level, even for pets. However I’d like to go a bit of deeper on the Simply Calm and this particular pressure as a result of I feel that is gonna be a complete new space of intestine well being that we’re simply beginning to perceive and I feel you guys are actually main the cost right here. And I additionally know from listening to from the viewers, girls, particularly proper now, are combating nervousness and overwhelm and plenty of these items that we’re speaking about. So, stroll us by a bit of little bit of like what’s taking place particularly within the intestine. And that’s so cool too that you just talked about that that is certainly one of… Like principally what’s handed on from mom to little one, which we now know from analysis, many people might not have gotten an optimum begin with, relying on how we have been born, similar factor with our youngsters, relying on the delivery state of affairs. I’ve been at plenty of births and issues like antibiotics can interrupt that course of, C-Sections can interrupt that course of, and there’s methods to assist mitigate these conditions as properly. However for these of us who’re already born, these are some ways in which we will help rehabilitate.


Tina: Proper. Precisely. Yeah. So this specific pressure, it’s bifido longum 1714. It’s so extensively researched and scientifically verified as a temper help product. It’s very new out there. We’re so enthusiastic about it. It’s new out there, however it’s truly a standard a part of our intestine commensal flora. It’s remoted from wholesome people. So this is part of our regular intestine flora. And one of many research on this bifido longum 1714 was carried out by APC Institute out of Cork, Eire, and it’s one of the preeminent gut-brain institutes on the planet. And so they checked out samples of individuals with temper issues like nervousness and despair versus individuals who wouldn’t have these temper issues, and what they discovered is that individuals with no temper issues had excessive ranges of this bifido longum 1714 pressure.


So, , there was a four-week human medical trial that confirmed that this pressure decreased perceived stress, it improved reminiscence, it decreased psychological fatigue, it positively supported brainwave exercise, which is absolutely thrilling, and improved the power to deal with that occasional stress. So, , who wouldn’t need that at the moment? And one of many questions that one of many human medical trials needed to find out is how does the 1714 pressure truly translate as a psychobiotic into the modulation of stress operate and the brainwave operate? So, they principally needed to know, can this pressure within the face of induced stress modulate cortisol and an individual’s perceived stress response and coronary heart fee? And usually, what they noticed is that this 1714 pressure decreased perceived stress and cortisol output, which is large. They know that this pressure is arresting that inflammatory biking, after which ultimately the HPA entry triggering slows down after which ultimately shuts down, after which much less and fewer cortisol and stress hormones are produced.


After which quite a few research truly have been completed… These are human medical trials that have been carried out on day-to-day stress in addition to giant stressors that influence brainwave functioning, which is absolutely thrilling. We all know that having excessive ranges of the delta and beta wave ranges is related to a heightened stress state. And so this research confirmed a major lower in beta wave operate. And that is what’s thrilling, and a rise in theta wave operate. And, after all, we all know theta wave is related to that movement state. You understand, if you speak about being actually calm, having actually good cognitive operate and, , not getting distracted simply. In order that’s known as the movement state, and it’s measured by this enhance in theta wave operate within the mind. And the research confirmed that this probiotic pressure can truly alter mind wave operate. It additionally confirmed it might cut back psychological fatigue as a result of your mind shouldn’t be as infected if you’re in a greater mind-set. And it additionally confirmed that this pressure improves coping mechanism and cut back the destructive feelings that usually come from stress. So the research are so in depth on the pressure, and it’s so thrilling to have the ability to convey one thing so new and so highly effective to the market.

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Katie: And I feel that resilience piece is absolutely key as properly as a result of we’re clearly all gonna encounter stress that’s not going away nor ought to it. There’s truly a wholesome place for sure quantities of stress, however I really feel like that resilience can usually be the distinction, particularly as a mother for the times the place I get a ton completed and I nonetheless need to cope with quite a bit, however I’m not overwhelmed and I really feel like I’m productive and on prime of it, versus the times the place simply each little factor appears to only amp up that overwhelm. And there’s been some superb books written about resilience and, after all, like methods we will use on a logistical stage in our homes, however I feel addressing the bodily aspect is absolutely essential and there haven’t been nice sources for that previously. It was type of such as you type of simply needed to strive issues and take a look at to determine what labored. And positively, we all know issues like a nutritious diet and decreasing inflammatory inputs makes an enormous distinction, however such as you stated, for these of us who possibly have already got had intestine irritation or mind irritation, taking one thing focused like this actually is a leg-up to coping with that and to feeling extra resilient which then lets you have got the vitality and the motivation to do all the opposite issues that assist as properly.


Tina: Proper. Completely. And we now have to recollect, like attending to the basis reason for all of this. There’s plenty of merchandise on the market which can be getting, , placing a Band-Help on and serving to individuals make, , making them really feel higher, however attending to the basis reason for this irritation and this response is absolutely essential. And we now have to grasp that what’s inflicting all of that is irritation. And so, we now have to watch out with that, , concentrate on that and be conscious of that.


And so, yeah, then we determined to launch Simply Calm, which is absolutely thrilling, and it’s actually thrilling. This was such an essential product for us that we determined to really launch it below a brand new sub-brand known as Joot, J-O-O-T, which is type of thrilling. So we love the OO which truly, , it comes from the, , 007 James Bond and, , the double O is related to being superior, and boosted, and up-leveled. So , we even… Lots of people will say that OO is even fortunate. You understand, plenty of good model, huge iconic manufacturers on the market like Yahoo, and Google, and Zoom all have the double O’s. And so we took the J from Simply, and the T from Thrive after which we added the double O’s. And so the product is Simply Calm by Joot and it’s a Simply Thrive model. So we determined to do a complete model enlargement due to this product as a result of we all know it’s so critically essential for therefore many individuals on the market proper now, particularly with the uncertainty of the world and the stress that we’re dealing each day.


Katie: And I really feel like from the analysis I’ve seen, growing intestine issues within the intestine is type of a long-term factor that occurred by the course of a lifetime usually. Though, usually we will, by delivery, enter with a lower than optimum microbiome. When individuals begin rehabilitating their intestine with issues like this, how lengthy sometimes is it earlier than they see outcomes or how fast does that course of occur when you’re actually centered on it?


Tina: Yeah. So with the probiotic, we at all times say that, , it takes… Relying on what you’re experiencing or what you’re making an attempt to get at from the product, you often say about 30 days. You understand, typically individuals will see outcomes inside a pair days and a few individuals will take three months to see a end result. However for essentially the most half, I’d say on common, you’re a few 30-day the place you begin to actually see some adjustments and the intestine is… We all know we did a research on the probiotic alone exhibiting that it confirmed a 30% favorable shift within the intestine after about two and a half weeks, which is large. I imply, you don’t discover any probiotic on the market that has that type of… I’ve by no means seen a research like that, reveals a 30% favorable shift within the intestine simply after two and a half weeks. After which, with the Simply Calm with the 1714 and the B pressure product that we simply launched, that will be, , similar factor most likely about 30 days to 60 days. The research that was completed on the 1714 pressure was over a 30-day interval.


Katie: And I do know we’ll get these questions as a result of I do… Anytime we speak about a complement, which is who can take it and who can’t? Can children take it? Can pregnant girls take it? Any cautions round any of that?


Tina: Yeah. However there’s no different indications that… Bear in mind, this can be a regular a part of our intestine flora. So we’re meant to have this pressure in our physique. We at all times inform individuals, after all, in the event that they’re pregnant and so they’re nursing, to examine along with your medical doctors, however nice for youths, children want this, particularly on this, oh, my gosh, what they’re coping with now, it breaks my coronary heart. And simply to… No issues with children, no contraindications that we’re conscious of presently.


Katie: And like your different merchandise, one factor I like about your probiotics particularly is their warmth steady. They don’t need to be refrigerated, but in addition they are often put into meals or smoothies as a result of I’ve a pair that don’t swallow tablets but. Is it the identical with these? Can I add it to stuff?


Tina: Completely. You possibly can add it and blend it with meals. It’s not an issue in any respect. So it gained’t lose its efficiency or something like that.


Katie: That’s superior. My oldest daughter has been lastly truly taking all your merchandise, particularly the K2 and the probiotic as a result of she’s making an attempt to get quicker for pole vaulting and to develop as a result of she doesn’t wanna be 5’2” perpetually. And he or she, for the longest time, couldn’t swallow tablets. She simply discovered, which is superior. However we have been placing them in smoothies or I’d bake them into muffins or no matter simply because she had hassle with the tablets. In order that’s my tip for anyone often with toddlers, is you’ll be able to combine it into any type of meals or apple sauce or no matter and youngsters can get it too.


Tina: Yeah. It’s actually essential to do this. I feel your daughter desires to be as tall as Cassie, proper?


Katie: Which may not fairly be in her genes, however she undoubtedly desires to be taller than 5’2.


Tina: You possibly can open the capsules, combine it with meals. It’s superb what number of adults that don’t prefer to swallow capsules both. So she’s not alone.


Katie: Yeah. Or I’ve even discovered… As a result of the probiotics don’t have a robust style, I’ve a recipe for selfmade marshmallows, and so they combine properly into that when you’ve began whipping the honey and the gelatin. And they also’re probiotic marshmallows, that’s a staple at our home with the youngsters and so they like it.


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Are there every other supportive way of life or eating regimen components that appear to even assist enhance the efficacy when somebody’s including these merchandise in? Something that they will do this additionally helps intestine well being or mind well being?


Tina: Yeah. Effectively, so one of many issues I at all times say is the probiotic is so foundational as a result of after we’re speaking about efficacy and absorption, , if our intestine is infected in any respect, we’re not absorbing vitamins. So we now have to be actually conscious of that. So we wanna ensure that we’re taking the probiotic with no matter dietary supplements you’re taking as a result of that you want to be taking, , you want to be doing all types of issues to help your intestine so you could possibly take in these vitamins. After which, we additionally know we wanna numerous microbiome. So I’m an enormous fan of intermittent fasting as a result of we all know now that intermittent fasting helps with variety within the intestine. It helps by truly ravenous micro organism that enables you… Some micro organism truly must be starved with the intention to proliferate by the intestine. So that will be one factor to just do to assist proceed to help your intestine well being goes to let you take in vitamins and take in different dietary supplements that you just’re taking and to assist your way of life decisions.


Katie: Yeah. That’s been an enormous half for me. I feel, particularly for girls, it’s like experimenting with IF and determining what’s your window as a result of I do know there’s lots of people who’re like girls shouldn’t quick, and I’ve had plenty of consultants on this podcast who say everybody’s fasting whereas they’re sleeping. Ladies quick. All of us do it. It’s determining what your optimum window is, and possibly when you’re coming from a spot of thyroid illness or overwhelmed hormones or your postpartum, don’t actually limit your self to a brief window, however you’ll be able to nonetheless eat a ten to 12-hour window so that you’re nonetheless getting loads of vitamins, loads of energy, and your physique’s nonetheless getting a break, which is supportive of your liver, of your intestine, such as you stated. I’ve additionally seen… I don’t suppose they have been for everybody, however I’ve seen actually cool information on a three-day quick being a intestine reset as a result of it lets the intestine have relaxation. And I’m an enormous fan of…once I do quick quick, nonetheless taking the probiotics in order that they’re in my intestine getting to love rehabilitate with out competing, and I’ve seen huge variations from that.

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It looks as if there’s additionally… And I do know we talked about this a bit of bit, very a lot a gut-skin connection. And I feel pores and skin well being is an enormous matter for lots of ladies. For my children, as they’ve gone by puberty, they’ve needed to not have zits. We’ve been centered on pores and skin well being fairly a bit and now as I’m getting older, I’m centered on making an attempt to maintain my pores and skin wholesome and never get wrinkles. Discuss a bit of bit in regards to the gut-skin connection as a result of it does appear to be when somebody had as intestine dysbiosis, you usually see it expressed within the pores and skin.


Tina: Yeah. I imply. so many individuals will go to a well being meals retailer and say, “Oh, I’ve obtained this pores and skin rash. You understand, what can I placed on it?” And it’s like, “Yeah. It is best to placed on some topical therapies possibly to assist, , the irritation that you just’re experiencing” or individuals will do issues for, , zits or different pores and skin situations, however actually all of it stems from the intestine. So we all know, in case you have a, , a intestine or a pores and skin situation, you want to concentrate on… you have got some dysbiosis in your intestine. I imply, it’s virtually assured. When you have something happening along with your pores and skin, whether or not it’s zits, a rash, eczema, , psoriasis, no matter it’s, we all know that that is stemming from an imbalance in our intestine.


So actually essential to be specializing in the intestine. There are big pores and skin connection. Like we stated, mind connection, immunity. Folks neglect about that too. I imply, 80% of our immune system is present in our intestine lining. We have to be specializing in our intestine after we’re speaking about our immune system. So from pores and skin well being to mind well being, to immune well being, all of these items are…from coronary heart well being. I imply, you title it. There’s actually no situation on the market which you can’t discover that’s not related to an imbalance in your intestine. So I’d at all times encourage someone after they have a pores and skin situation, to be focusing in the beginning in your intestine. Like I stated, there could also be some lotions and potions on the market that, , that may additionally assist, however we all know that we have to get to the basis reason for every time we’re coping with something like that.


Katie: Yeah. And with all of the speak of like how really every part does return to the intestine, I really feel like that is one space that really additionally pays dividends as a result of if you’re enhancing your intestine well being, you’re additionally absorbing extra of the meals you’re consuming. You’re getting extra vitamins out of the identical quantity of meals, you’re getting higher sleep, which we all know is without doubt one of the big keys to well being and there’s an enormous intestine connection there. I’ve seen, particularly within the final yr, plenty of medical analysis popping out about issues like insomnia and sleep points being tied to intestine imbalances and the way there’s an increase in all of these proper now due to all of the persistent stress that we’re experiencing that’s inflicting extra intestine disruption. So such as you stated, I really feel like every part really does return to the intestine.


And I do know, in a roundabout way associated to guts and dietary supplements, however one trick I discovered as properly is that people are very light-dependent being, and I do know you and I each love the daylight. And I discover that simply going outdoors within the morning and getting a couple of minutes of morning daylight together with including these items in and specializing in the intestine is one other nice method to, like, increase your resilience, give your self vitality, and actually assist enhance sleep at night time. And I do know that you just additionally don’t simply analysis and like speak about this life. You all in reside this life and your loved ones lives this life and also you guys have a really wholesome way of life. So I’d love to listen to every other issues which can be possibly your private non-negotiables that you just do you for well being or possibly your 80/20, just like the 20% of issues that you just really feel like provide the greatest profit in your individual life.


Tina: Yeah. So the largest profit I feel for me is simply strolling outdoors. I’m an enormous walker. I do the quick strolling. Typically I add a bit of jog in there, however I… And it’s obtained to be outdoors. And I reside in Chicago the place the climate is terrible, particularly in January, however it doesn’t matter. I’m on the market. Until it’s actually icy and harmful, I’m just about on the market on a regular basis. It’s so good for me being in that, such as you talked about, the daylight and being outdoors with nature is simply tremendous essential and that’s additionally tremendous essential in your intestine.


I additionally, each morning, do my deep respiratory. I exploit an app known as the HeartMath. I do this regularly. It’s non-negotiable as a result of it’s so essential. I understand how essential your… I do know that the mind impacts your intestine. I do all these items to, , help my intestine well being, and I’ve to calm myself down. Clearly, I’m tremendous busy, three children, a enterprise that I’m working. It’s type of loopy each day. So, though my children are older, however I nonetheless have to calm my mind down a bit of bit. In order that has been actually useful to me, too.


Katie: Yeah. I like it. And I’ve seen you do this even after we’ve been at occasions or touring collectively, you stand up and also you go for a stroll every single day, and I’ll say, understanding you in individual, you’re one of many individuals I do know who simply has seemingly boundless vitality. And am I remembering proper? You don’t drink espresso?


Tina: No. I imply, I typically will drink decaf as a result of I like the style of it, however I simply can’t… The caffeine is an excessive amount of for me. I’ve sufficient vitality alone.


Katie: It’s a humorous factor. I really feel like among the most energetic individuals I do know don’t drink espresso. I’m like, “Hmm. I ponder.” But in addition to your level, what’s that quote that like the place you attempt to concentrate on all these costly biohacks, however on the finish of the day, like, return to the straightforward issues like hydrate, get daylight. Mainly, we’re sophisticated home vegetation with feelings. Like we nonetheless have to do these items. We have to be out in nature. And I feel that one will get neglected for lots of people as properly.


Tina: Completely. I couldn’t agree with you extra.


Katie: Effectively, I’d additionally like to know, what’s subsequent for you guys. Are you researching any new merchandise which you can speak about but? I’m certain there are some which can be secret, however every other enjoyable ones developing quickly?


Tina: Yeah. Effectively, , we’ve put a lot vitality into our temper product, however we now have just lately began researching… Ironic that you just requested, is pores and skin well being product. So I’m excited to type of speak about that possibly subsequent time as a result of we’re not within the launch part but or something, however we’re getting there. So we’re simply always looking for, like I stated, issues which can be lacking and wanted out there. And so we’re gonna be specializing in the pores and skin as a result of that’s additionally affected…persons are being affected by pores and skin points at loopy charges nowadays.


Katie: Yeah. Sadly, at the very least the info I’m seeing, just about every part is on the rise proper now, which to circle again to the start of the episode, goes again quite a bit to emphasize. So we’ve all been coping with a complete lot of stress the final couple of years, which hopefully we’ll see some reduction from quickly, each from in our personal lives and societally, however the place are proper now.


A couple of questions I like to ask as we get near the top of the time. And I do know I’ve requested you this one earlier than, however you may give the identical or totally different solutions, and that’s if there’s a ebook or quite a few books which have profoundly impacted your life, and if that’s the case, what they’re and why.


Tina: Yeah. So I feel I had talked about earlier than “The 4 Agreements.” I do know it’s been used so many occasions in your present, however it simply actually…it’s such a easy, great ebook. And I at all times say like there’s not a phrase wasted in that ebook. It will get proper to the purpose and has actually helped change my life and the best way I have a look at issues. Even one of many 4 agreements is to at all times do your finest and I feel…and which may be totally different on totally different days. And that was an excellent reminder as a result of I feel we at all times wanna do our greatest, however typically it simply appears totally different on totally different days. In order that was… It type of launched me a bit of bit. After which, certainly one of my different favorites is “I Can See Clearly Now” by Wayne Dyer. Wayne Dyer is unquestionably certainly one of my heroes in life and undoubtedly, his books have been life-changing for me.


Katie: Yeah. You launched me to him I feel largely, and I’ve been actually having fun with studying plenty of his stuff as properly. I do know he’s been a extremely huge affect in your life as properly. And on that be aware, any recommendation that you just wanna cross on? Quite a lot of mothers are listening, and I do know I usually get requested like how do you steadiness enterprise and youngsters and all of the issues happening and also you do the very same factor. So any recommendation associated to something we’ve talked about or something fully unrelated?


Tina: Yeah. I assume I’d say to present your self grace. I feel that’s such a tough factor for mothers and us girls who’re tremendous motivated and pushed and wanna get quite a bit completed, is we now have to present ourselves grace that we will’t do every part and that after we do wanna make adjustments in our life, whether or not it’s well being, or funds, or, , social life, no matter it is perhaps, that we simply take child steps and simply every single day, when you simply take little child steps every single day, they make profound adjustments in our lives. And I feel that’s what’s helped me, is I took child steps and I used to be making an attempt to be affected person after we have been launching the corporate, and there have been a few years, , to start with, that have been actually, actually onerous and that we weren’t making a ton of progress. After which… However I simply at all times took these child steps and subsequent factor , , we had this profitable firm that was being, , talked about by individuals such as you and different well being and wellness influencers. So I simply would say give your self grace and simply take child steps regularly.


Katie: I like that. And I wanna at all times say it’s such a pleasure to at all times speak to you and I like the merchandise. I do know there’s so many merchandise on the market and I at all times rave in regards to the ones that you just guys make as a result of they really are every day staples in my life to the purpose that, like, to ensure I bear in mind probiotics and K2, they’re on my kitchen desk with the salt and pepper in order that they’re at all times there at meals and I can simply cross them round to the youngsters. That’s a tip I give individuals usually, is like, particularly after they’re actually essential issues like that, put them in your manner. So if there’s a nighttime complement, put it subsequent to your toothbrush. If there’s a morning one, put it in your nightstand. If it’s with meals, put it in your kitchen desk and go away it there as a result of usually we neglect if it’s not… And, , not prime of thoughts, when you don’t see it. And so, yours are very a lot part of my life. They’re in my home, my children’ lives, and I’m simply tremendous grateful. And I do know from understanding you, how huge your coronary heart is and the way a lot of a ardour you guys have for really serving to individuals and altering lives. So grateful for you, and in your friendship, and in your time, and thanks as at all times for being right here, Tina.


Tina: Oh, thanks, Katie. I really feel the very same manner about you. Your coronary heart is so huge, and also you’re simply an incredible human being. And thanks for bringing all of this nice info to individuals on the market. I do know my daughters are big followers, and so they learn your blogs on a regular basis. You’re like their Bible, after which, you’re my Bible too. So thanks.


Katie: Aw, thanks. And I like your ladies. And my daughters are big followers of them as properly. So I like that our households have gotten to attach, and thanks in your time. And as at all times, due to all of you for listening, for sharing your most precious sources, your time, your vitality, and your consideration with us in the present day. We’re each so grateful that you just did, and I hope that you’ll be a part of me once more on the subsequent episode of the “Wellness Mama Podcast.”


In the event you’re having fun with these interviews, would you please take two minutes to go away a score or evaluation on iTunes for me? Doing this helps extra individuals to seek out the podcast, which implies much more mothers and households may benefit from the data. I actually respect your time, and thanks as at all times for listening.